About Us



Guangzhou Cloud art Animation Design Co., Ltd. is a professional service in the film and television, the game industry, combined with video games linked to the game film and television art services and original animation content creation company. Cloud map is committed to creating a "pan-entertainment +" industry chain, has formed a game art design services, three-dimensional film and television animation design services, original animation IP incubation, pan-entertainment digital art training business ecosystem.

Cloud Art is a leading provider of digital art service in China, who boasts excellent teams with professional skills, optimal working efficiency, first-rate service and top quality products. At present, 30% of the company's professional technicians bear over 8 years of experience in fine arts R&D, among whom the core members have more than 10 years of working experience in well-known enterprises (i.e. Net Ease, Net Dragon, Kingsoft) in terms of fine arts R&D or management. The crew once engaged in the making of A Chinese Odyssey Series, Fantasy Westward Journey, The World II, Journey to the West and Ascendant. Cloud Art unremittingly brings together the professional talents from overseas countries and provides high-quality service to its customers. It aims to become a first-class international pan-entertainment service company in China that combines game art design & production, CG animation and original cartoon production together.

The headquarter of Cloud Art lies in the CBD circle of Guangzhou City and is adjacent to the creative zone “Red Tory”. It sprawls 2000 square meters office area and owns over 90% professional employees, showing a medium-sized company. 

On December 1st,2016, Clout Art officially listed on the "new three board", whose scale and team professional skills are both recognized by the outside world. The company has established a long-term and stable partnership with several famous Chinese game developers and dealers, such as Net Ease, Sohu, Giant and Seasun. Cloud Art is a premium choice of more and more customers and their most reliable partner.


Game Art Design

Providing complete and comprehensive design service

Combining customers’ demands with Cloud Art’s specific creativity and ideology to deliver full sets of design

Promoting work in all areas and fulfill concept design with unique style

Original IP Incubation

Independent original IP cartoon design

Taking root in originality to make one-stop work of story, design, painting and modeling

Incubating original IP cartoons and animations, building IP brand culture to suite the market

CG Film and Television Animation

Efficient, perfect and advanced CG technology

High level CG R&D capability

Sophisticated CG production and procedure management

Technical CG production team

Cloud Art Academy 

Art design teaching service

Starting from scratch with systematical and detailed explanation to original painting and 3D modeling

Field practicing and job offers available